I am a Data / DWH / BI specialist with 7+ years of experience in many projects in Poland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
I’ve worked in many industries like: banking, investment funds, insurance, leasing, wealth management, public, healthcare, FMCG, oil and gas.
I specialize in delivery high standard solutions that are data-oriented.In my private time I love:

  • reading books (fantasy, s-f, political fiction, travel)
  • travelling (preferably big cities, but countryside is also lovely)
  • running (from 5 km till 42,195 km)
  • photography and digital post-production (Photoshop rocks!)
  • playing board games (strategy, economic)

If you would like to contact with me, please write an email to: bartosz.wiecha (AT) outlook.com
You can also visit my profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bartoszwiecha

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